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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ecuador Legislative Works for Electoral Campaign

Quito, Mar 16 (Prensa Latina) The president of the Ecuadorian Legislative Commission, Fernando Cordero, said Monday that the work of that organization still continues amid the electoral campaign, in which more than 50 percent of the assemblymen are participating.

"Previous to this electoral process, 15 laws were approved, now we are concentrated in the analysis of another two and we hope to sanction three more before the period of this Commission concludes," said Cordero.

He remarked that the sanctioned legislations respond to the interests of the country and of most of the Ecuadorians, although he recognized the need to count on bigger participation of the population in the debates in the parliamentary subcommittees.

"The period of this institution is temporary, we have tried to induce to a bigger intervention of the Ecuadorians in the discussions," he asserted to a channel of the national television.

"I believe that the new National Assembly will play an important role on this," he emphasized when he highlighted the wish that the population knows gets involved in the work of the Legislative.

Cordero, who aspires to his reelection, defended the discussions taking place in the Parliament around the creation of the Member's Bank.

"I made the proposal myself that two more people get incorporated to the analyses, a representative of the active members (of the Institute of Social Security, IESS) and another one of the pensioners, and contribute to the elaboration of the regulations of the bank entity, which will be of first level," he pointed out.

He clarified that IESS cannot become a bank, because it is a financial structure dedicated to manage investments and the utilities generated by the social security.

"People will also be able to have her saving accounts in that future entity, that will have bank agencies in the whole national territory," he emphasized.

When referring to the postulation of current legislators to different dignities and the participation in the electoral campaign, Cordero pointed out that he was on a license in previous days himself, because he aspires to a seat in the coming Parliament.

"Other members of the Commission are still working, because they are part of the subcommittees, but they carry out their proselytizing activity outside of the labor schedule," he said.

The Legislative leader underrated the criticism of the opposition, requesting inspection, and he stated that this inspection will be carried out when a reason exists and it will be executed in a serious way, far from the scandal, aggression and insult.

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