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Friday, March 06, 2009

Ecuador Defends National Sovereignty

Quito, Mar 4 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador"s Minister of Foreign Affairs Fander Falconi defended on Wednesday the concept of national sovereignty and rejected the extraterritorial policy promoted by US President George W. Bush"s administration.

It is not about Colombia President Alvaro Uribe refusing his Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos´ statements justifying the aggression against Ecuador a year ago, but condemning such practice of interfering in another nation"s affairs, Falconi said.

"There is a concept that we have to eradicate, that of extraterritoriality, the possibility of interfering in third countries. That was part of the Bush"s doctrine," when a third nation was attacked, because it was not in line with some statements about international politics, he said.

The minister said that "this is extremely serious and deserves to be categorically rejected," because it can not be tolerated, and there are no moral or material arguments for a country to invade another.

I think this is part of a dark story in Latin America that should be erased, he asserted, and recalled that one of the lessons taught by the Colombia attack to this country in 2008 is that sovereignty can not be violated.

Referring to the Colombian media, which have announced the possible presence in Ecuador of guerrillas from the neighboring country, he said information was requested through the Organization of American States (OAS), in charge of mediate in the Quito-Bogota crisis.

They sent a note to the OAS, saying that it would be really appreciated that the General Secretary"s Office expresses to the Colombian government the need to provide Ecuador with accurate information about the exact location of the mentioned Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) top commands, he stated.

The Ecuadorian government is concerned about the media assertions, saying that the members of the FARC General Staff would be sheltered in this country, according to an intelligence report from Colombia, he said.

This is not the way to provide information, through a radio station, said the foreign minister, highlighting the presence of around 13,000 men, deployed at the northern border to guarantee defense and repel the entry of any armed group into the country.

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