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Friday, March 06, 2009

Ecuador Congress Slams US Meddling

Quito, Mar 4 (Prensa Latina) A condemnation by the Legislative Commission of the United States for interfering in Ecuador's internal affairs joins Wednesday the rejection previously stated by the national government.

With 56 votes for, nine blank ballots and two abstentions, the parliamentary body supported the executive's sovereign attitude that called for Washington some days ago to respect international relations and refuted any form of interference in internal affairs by another nation.

The proposal, presented by Legislative Commission First Vice Chairman Cesar Rodriguez and adopted on Tuesday, also demands "respect to the peoples' independence and self-determination."

The congressional plenary session also refuted statements by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Leon Panetta, who predicted instability process in this country, Venezuela and Argentina, due to the effects of the international financial crisis.

Panetta's statements are an unacceptable interference in Ecuador's internal affairs and threaten respect in the bilateral relations among the sovereign States, the text stresses.

Shortly before approving that accord, assembly members from several political forces stated that there can be no foreign interference in internal issues and spoke out for the need of creating a precedent so that no state meddles in exclusive aspects of other national capacities.

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