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Monday, February 09, 2009

Ecuador Reorganizes Armed Forces

Quito, Feb 7 (Prensa Latina) Joint Command chief Fabian Varela announced that by reorganizing its armed forces, Ecuador is looking for a better use of resources and guarantee the country´s sovereignty.

A domestic military defense plan, called "Patria Uno" (Homeland One), consists of concentrating all forces under one command, which will make all decisions regarding the operations, actions and reactions that are necessary, Varela noted.

"The new structure will imply a new structure, only one force under one command and with joint forces; that is, ground, air and naval forces together to maneuver and plan actions," he stressed.

He pointed out that several fronts will be created, one of which will include the bordering provinces.

The so-called "border front" will operate along the border with Colombia, so ground, air and naval forces will be reinforced in northern Ecuador, he added.

Valera recalled that the Armed Forces has deployed 7,500 troops along the Colombian border.

The reorganization is aimed at synchronizing the use of means and resources to be faster and more effective, said the chief of the Joint Command, adding that weapons and military means will be modernized.

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