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Monday, February 09, 2009

Ecuador Readies for General Vote

Quito, Feb 6 (Prensa Latina) The Ecuador National Election Council (CNE) announced a 48-hour deadline to contest the nominations for the April 26 general elections.

Anyone may submit to the CNE a claim against a nominee to run for president or the near 6,000 public offices.

Then, the CNE will validate the signatures submitted by political parties and movements, said a spokesman.

Shortly before Thursday's closing were registered Assembly members Martha Roldos of Red Democratica, ex President Lucio Gutierrez of Sociedad Patriotica (PSP) and billionaire Alvaro Noboa of Renovador Institucional (Prian) Party.

Other presidential hopefuls were Pablo Guerrero of Concentracion de Fuerzas Populares (CFP); Diego Delgado of Movimiento de Transformacion Social; Nelson Sanchez of Tierra Fertil and Diego Sagnay of Independientes organization.

Over the past 48 hours the list was joined by ex Legislator Carlos Gonzalez of movimiento Justo y Solidario; Social-Christian Luis Fernando Torres for Movimiento Cambio, and President Rafael Correa of Alianza Pais.

In addition to the race for president, the political and social movements registered their candidates to the national and provincial assemblies, for mayor and town councils.

But Indigenous Pachakutik Movement, Izquierda Democratica and Social Christian, plus the Roldosista, Socialist and Christian Democrat Parties will run for the other offices not for president.

The race starts on March 10 and closes three days before the general elections first round on April 26 and the runoffs on June 14.

These elections will vote for a president, 124 legislators, 221 mayors, 24 prefects and 1,581 councilmen.

The CNE says over 10.5 million Ecuadoreans are registered and entitled to vote in April including new coming 16 year to 18 year youth, policemen, militaries and detainees.

Also entitled are registered immigrants and the ranks with over five years of residence in Ecuador.

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