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Monday, February 16, 2009

Ecuador Defusing US Interference

Quito, Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa demanded immediate government actions against foreign interference in national police.

We cannot allow "foreign powers to interfere in certain units of national police," said Correa in reference to the case of US diplomat Armando Astorga, who allegedly stole computers with classified information of the Police Intelligence Unit.

At the oath-taking ceremony of new ministers on Wednesday, Correa said that the Foreign Ministry is taking appropriate measures, and ordered new Government Minister, Gustavo Jalkh, to investigate those police officers who facilitated the information theft.

"This is inadmissible in the government of the Revolution of the Citizens; here we have a sovereign, honorable homeland and we will not allow it," said Correa in the ceremony at the Carondelet Palace.

He confirmed that members of a foreign embassy (US) withdrew their economic aid, as well as the computers and transportation means they had allegedly donated.

The computers had information from about 15 years of investigation into criminal networks, which "belongs to the State and we will not tolerate it," said Correa.

The Ecuadorian president's remarks come in the wake of his ordering the expulsion from the country of US embassy attache Armando Astorga, for trying to influence the police in appointing chiefs of that body.

According to local media, Astorga had not worked in the embassy since January.

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