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Monday, February 16, 2009

Ecuador Confronts US Interference

Quito, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) The removal of classified Ecuadorian information by US officials and the expulsion of an attache from that northern country's embassy are stressing links between both countries on Wednesday.

Those happenings show a clear collapse of relations between Quito and Washington, accused of interfering in the nation's internal affairs, local political analysts stated.

President Rafael Correa denounced that US officials took computers, office materials, vehicles and information from the national police.

He said the case will be probed and sanctions applied to those who don't understand they are living in a sovereign country.

Correa ordered Saturday the expulsion from the country of US embassy attache Armando Astorga, for trying to influence the police in appointing chiefs of that body. National media reports Astorga had not worked in the embassy since January.

The Ecuadorian decision to not heed that official's attempt to influence caused Washington in January to suspend aid valued at $340,000 USD to the police anti-smuggling division and froze another outlay for $160,000 USD to fight human trafficking.

This scandal comes to light a year after Correa denounced the infiltration of the US Central Intelligence Agency in the Ecuadorian intelligence services.

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