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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ecuador Strengthens Armed Forces

Ecuador Strengthens Armed Forces

Quito, Jan 10 (Prensa Latina) The Armed Forces of Ecuador are prepared to confront any irregularity in their territory without having to account to anyone, affirmed Defense Minister Javier Ponce, "We are not trying to prove anything, simply inform that we will combat the presence of all insurgent groups," Ponce explained.

He add edthat response capacity has improved with better logistics and said the national government is updating its equipment since the Colombia bombing on March 1 against a clandestine camp of guerrillas of that country, in its territory.

We are going to act "with total intensity with qualification of what we are doing," he emphasized adding that they will not allow new violations of the sovereignty of that nation.

The official pointed out that it will be done in its own interest and not to not please anyone, and without invoking the terrorist label that Washington uses against the Colombian guerrilla forces.

According to military sources, the Ecuadorian army has about 10,000 soldiers deployed along the 700 kilometer border with Colombia.

To strengthen this vigilance it will purchase this year 24 Super Tucanos fighter planes produced by Brazil and six other unmanned planes from Israel.

Ponce also rejected alleged rumors on the destabilization of the Armed Forces and explained that the situation of the military complex is completely normal.

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