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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Correa Calls Cuban Revolution the 20th Century’s Most Important Event

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 10 (acn) Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa described the Cuban Revolution as the most important event of the 20th century, during a keynote speech at the Main Hall of Havana University on Friday night.

In his speech on Latin American integration and the current international crisis, the Ecuadorian leader added that Fidel Castro was a beacon to the world, especially to the new leftist generation, while he expressed his thanks for the brilliant examples made by the leaders of the island’s January 1, 1959 revolution.

Correa underscored that over the past 50 years the Cuban Revolution has consolidated itself as a process of equity, solidarity and social justice, and has served as an everlasting example of what a country can do—despite more than four decades of the brutal and inhuman US blockade.

The Ecuadorian president condemned Israel’s acts of aggression against the Palestinian people, as well as the unjust imprisonment in the US of five Cubans for defending their country from terrorist attacks.

Correa criticized the neo-liberal policies that outcast men and women all over the world from the best human values, and called for the Latin American integration as transforming element with concrete and tangible actions in favor of the people.

He pointed out that the capitalist system is in crisis because it defends capital instead of human beings.

Several times in his speech, Correa insisted that “Socialism of the 21st century” is a system superior to capitalism from every point of view, stressing that the Cuban people have demonstrated their limitless capacity to offer friendship, solidarity and resistance, while maintaining their ethical stance.

At the conclusion of the keynote address, Correa received an award from the university for his outstanding contribution to the economic, political and social development of Latin America, and for being a renowned economist and professor.

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