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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ex Ecuador Judges Prorogation Gain Force

Quito, Nov 12 (Prensa Latina) The prorogation of 31 former judges from the Justice Supreme Court (CSJ) is Wednesday the suitable resource to overcome the institutional crisis in Ecuador.

The decision was stated in the meeting among Legislative Commission president Fernando Cordero, Politics' Coordinator Minister Ricardo Patino, National Electoral Council member Omar Simon, and former CSJ representative Roberto Gomez Mera.

Gomez Mera stressed in the event, held at the National Assembly (Parliament) building, the former judges' willingness of returning to their posts if the transitory law to extend them in their functions is approved.

The public draw carried out by the National Electoral Council to elect 21 of 31 judges will be invalidated with that law.

Shortly after the meeting, Patino admitted the existence of a small institutional crisis in the country and stressed the national government's interest of solving rapidly this situation.

The former judges refused by late October to attend the public draw and also discarded to assume their posts at the National Justice Court, which has generated a crisis in the administration of the justice.

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