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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ecuador to hold general election in April 2009

QUITO, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- Ecuador will hold its first general election under the new constitution on April 19, 2009, the country's Electoral National Council (CNE) announced Wednesday.

Making the announcement, CNE President Omar Simon said a proclamation summoning the election will be made on Nov. 23, as stipulated by the new Constitution, which came into effect on Oct.20 this year.

Ecuadorians will vote in the general election to select their president, vice president, assembly members, mayors, governors, councilors and members of regional boards at the national level.

CNE Councilor Hector Camacho said the date will allow the CNE to conclude the needed contracts to organize the election process.

Ecuador approved the new constitution in a referendum held in September 2008. The new document, the country's 20th since becoming an independent republic in 1830, gives the president more powers and strengthens government control on strategic economic sectors. It also opens up the possibility of President Rafael Correa being re-elected and extending his term till 2017.

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