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Friday, July 11, 2008

Ecuador Starts Communication Project

Quito, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa highlighted Thursday the will to democratize access to communications, with the beginning of the construction Project of the Stratospheric High Altitude Platform.

In his Thursday statements, Correa said Ecuador is showing it can engage in great projects, which are according with the current times.

“We are for the big dreams, we are for the giant utopias,” he stated from the Mariscal Sucre Air Base in this capital.

The proposal consists on building and installing a non-crewed airplane in the stratosphere, to diversify telecommunications and fulfil surveillance tasks.

“In this way, we advance in achieving sovereignty, which will allow us to access information technologies. The objective is to reach a balanced development, access to technology, communications in urban and rural centers, with the objective to join all Ecuadorians,” he said.

The Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE) will be in charge of the project, with an air platform with a one-week autonomy, taking a useful load of electronic equipment for application in the field of the telecommunications and terrestrial observation.

The installation of the dirigible in the stratosphere will facilitate the development of Internet and telecommunications, as well as it will allow to improve the policies for health, education, production and support to the excluded sectors of the society.

The platform will be parked at 10.6 miles of altitude, under the ozone layer of ozone but above the area used by commercial and military aviation, explained FAE Colonel Edgar Jaramillo.

It is a completely autonomous airship; that will have its own flight plan and it will complete missions in an independent way, not controlled from earth, he pointed out.

It is scheduled that the dirigible also guarantees control over oil facilities, agricultural production, the geologic and volcanic situation of the country and its borders, he asserted.

Besides FAE, several universities are taking part in the project, the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology and the National Ministry of Science and Technology, among others.

The platform will be ready in two years and will have a cost of about four million dollars.

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