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Friday, July 11, 2008

Ecuador Recovering Media Franchises

Quito, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) The Ecuadorian government started the process to recover 229 radio and TV frequencies that broke the Broadcasting Law, stated today an official source.

The president of the National Council of Broadcasting and Television (CONARTEL), Jorge Yunda, stated those frequencies belong to stations located in national territory and with open signal, VHF, UHF, AM, FM, SW and cable TV.

Yunda informed the decision is based on a report of the General Finance Office, which reveals serious irregularities like contracts not signed on time, franchises granted with unfavourable reports and payments delayed for over six months, among others.

"The reversion process is being applied to 229 radio, TV and cable TV frequencies up to this moment", said.

He also confirmed the franchise has not been renewed to 13 radio stations, Radio Sucre included, for operating with no authorization or in a different frequency.

The president of CONARTEL stressed they are implementing legal procedures which have no relation to an alleged affront to freedom of speech.

The Council"s decisions are related to the Broadcasting Law and not to the confiscation of 195 Isaías brothers" properties, owners of the bankrupted Filanbanco, which owed the State 661 million dollars, Yunda concluded.

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