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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ecuador on Eve of New Assembly

Ecuador on Eve of New Assembly
Members of Constituent Assembly in Ecuador
Quito, Nov 27 (Prensa Latina) Forty-eight hours before the creation of the Constituent Assembly in Ecuador, expectation grows Tuesday due to a series of resolutions that full-power institution will adopt.

Political and social movements have the hope that the Constituent Assembly, whose most members belong to the Country Alliance Movement, the group by President Rafael Correa, fulfills promises to reform the State's ancient structures.

A progressive group from the ó Movimiento Bolivariano Alfarista ó (MBA) is in Portoviejo, the provincial capital of Manabi, to watch over the development of the Assembly.

The group has toured for 48 days about 292 miles from Quito, to support the Constituent Assembly, boost deep changes in state institutions and create a new Constitution.

With flags and placards, MBA members said they will be alert that the Assembly fulfills with its duty of setting up social justice in this Andean nation.

Other indigenous organizations, those opposed to mining exploitation, human rights and ecologist groups will be also be on alert.

Most of the 130 assembly members are in Manabi to host their posts as of Thursday in the modern building in Ciudad Alfaro.

It is expected that once the Constituent Assembly is created, the country appoint the Directive Committee, whose president will be Alberto Acosta, former minister and member of the Country Alliance Movement, and the candidate with the most votes in the September 30 elections.

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