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Friday, November 23, 2007

Ecuador Congress Fights Opponents

Quito, Nov 22 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian Congress Leader Jorge Cevallos will submit to the General Attorney's Office a resolution to investigate citizens openly calling for its disbandment.

The measure, passed Wednesday by 62 votes, embraces a strategy to counter massive demand by political and social movements to disband Congress once the Constituency Assembly is set up.

The rule calls to declare any citizen critical of congress, including President Rafael Correa and Congressman Alberto Acosta, a threat to national security and punishable by four to eight years in jail.

The supporters of the resolution were Renovador Institucional, Sociedad Patriotica, Union Democrata Cristiana, Socialcristiano, Dignidad Group majority, one for Izquierda Democratica (ID) and several independent parties.

The opponents were the rest of ID, Pachakutik, Roldosista, Socialista, Red Democratica and Movimiento Popular Democratico, that walked out during the vote.

The measure is viewed as a legislative effort to secure survival despite growing unpopularity and denouncement of corruption.

Defense Minister Wellington Sandoval reaffirmed support of his institution for the Assembly and rejected the Congressional calls for support.

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