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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Venezuelan doctors carry out Miracle Mission journey in Ecuador

Caracas, Oct 22 (ABN via Mathaba).- A commission of three Venezuelan doctors is traveling Ecuadorian lands in order to attend the poorest zones of Quito and the indigenous village of Saraguro, where they are carrying out a patients selection journey for the Miracle Mission.

This way, the integrationist foreign policy of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez Frías, is in solidarity with the needy people of the region, supporting this brother country, as it says a press bulletin emitted by the Embassy of Venezuela to Ecuador.

Since Thursday 19 until the date, the ophthalmologists Milangel Hidalgo and José Daniel Barbosa, in joint with the anesthesiologist Segundo Urbina, have seen about one thousand people in Quito, at the Embassy venue and in poor zones like Sur y Calderón. This Monday they will visit Sangolquí.

As a result, 225 Ecuadorians have been selected to travel to Venezuela, where they will be chirurgical operated in order to solve their pathologies of cataracts and pterygium.

They will be added to the 2 thousand 875 Ecuadorians that have already been operated since December 2005 in Venezuela, who have been moved in 28 flights of the state-owned airline, Conviasa.

This Tuesday, the doctor commission will travel to Loja, specifically to Saraguro municipality, where they will see the indigenous people of the zone. The expectations at that place are very high, since it is the first time that Miracle Mission arrives at that sector of the country.

The journey will finish this Friday 29, when the doctors will come back to Venezuela in joint with a group of Ecuadorians of the rural sectors of Loja, who will be chirurgical operated next week.

Translated by Ernesto Aguilera

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