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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ecuador to Host 5th Continental Meeting in Solidarity With Cuba

Havana, Oct 23 (acn) Cuban ambassador to Ecuador, Benigno Perez, said that over 800 representatives of Latin American movements will attend to the 5th Continental Meeting in Solidarity with the island, to take place in Quito on October 26-28.

In statements to the press, Perez noted that this is the first time a meeting of this kind will be held outside Havana. He added Quito has been chosen as the venue taking into account the solid and historical bonds of friendship existing between Cuba and Ecuador, reported PL news agency.

Perez pointed out that the participants in the meeting will discuss new ways to intensify the struggle against the US blockade of the island and how to promote the international campaign undertaken to demand the freedom of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly held in US prisons for over nine years.

Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramón Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez and René Gonzalez —internationally known as the Cuban Five— were detained in 1998 for trying to prevent terrorist actions organized by right-wing anti-Cuba organizations based in Florida. The men were charged with espionage and punished with extremely harsh sentences despite the anti-terrorist character of their mission.

The Cuban diplomat said the delegates at the meeting will also talk about regional integration projects, the disinformation broadcast by the mainstream media about the island's current situation, and the work of the movements in solidarity with Cuba.

Accompanied by Quito's local authorities, Perez announced the arrival of a large delegation to the Ecuadorian capital led by Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon.

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