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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The revolutionary left grows

Translation of the editorial of En Marcha, edition 1375, weekly magazine of the PCMLE.

The Right is worried, it knows that the electoral results will not be favorable to it, and it's representation in the Constituent Assembly will be small. The people will hand it a bill for everything that it has done in past years.

The crisis that faces their parties
is well-known, obvious from the result of the elections of a year ago and from the results of the plebiscite that resolved to call for the Constituent Assembly. In these months it has lurched from crisis to crisis, incapable of articulating the opposition it wanted, to prevent the advance of the democratic political project that is in march in the country, whose head is president Rafael Correa. It has tried openly anti-communist speech, has put on the clothes of defender of democracy and democratic liberties, has played with speculating with the prices of basic necessities, among other maneuvers, to create an atmosphere of popular dissatisfaction. It was forced to participate in these elections, as it was always against the Assembly, and it is guaranteed that it will suffer a new political and electoral defeat.

By contrast, the democratic, progressive forces and the left that for years have been authors of the fight against neoliberal policies and the submission of previous governments to the diktats of the international economic organisms, appear to be the winning forces in these elections. It is a result of their political actions, of the combat unfolded against privatisations, of the expulsion of Oxy, the opposition to the signing of the Free Trade Agreement, the denunciation of the true content of the nefarious Plan Colombia, among other actions.

we have indicated on previous occasions, there is a developing consciousness in the workers and the peoples of Ecuador, that is expressed in their openness and adherence to anti-neoliberal and left-wing political proposals, that a new political scene is being drawn in the country, in which the democratic, progressive and left-wing tendency is the most vigorous. In fact, this will be expressed in the elections on September 30, as recent electoral polls have shown.

Within the framework of the ascent of this current is the revolutionary left, represented by Popular Unity MPD 15, who will have a significant block in the Constituent Assembly, becoming the second force within the tendency. The revolutionary left is gaining adherents as a consequence of the politics on offer in this period and, of course, as a result of all of its actions over the years. In these weeks a certain necessity has consolidated in some sectors, the necessity that the candidates of the MPD enter the
Constituent Assembly because they guarantee that the political project will affirm itself and close the passage for the Right.

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