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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Alfaristas to Montecristi

Translated from Movimiento Bolivariano Alfarista website.

We go to the Constituent Assembly to put a final end to the darkness of neoliberalism. That wild Capitalism that has destroyed our sovereignty, our productive capacity and filled democracy with intrigue, squalor and absurdity. No more absolutism of the market, no more "fifiriches" who in the name of professionalism stripped the people of their most precious things… their initiatives, their creative impetus, their confidence to feel like actor in their own history.

We are going to the Constituent Assembly not only to debate a new concept of State, not only to forge the bases of a new democracy, not only to demarcate the new political footpaths by which we will travel hand in hand with our children, we are going to exert the plenary powers to take control…

There will be no pardon and no forgetfulness for when, in name of the modernisation of the State, they planned and carried out the greatest robbery known in our history, the so-called "banking salvation".

We will exert the plenary powers to know how the External Debt was negotiated and for where those funds went.

We are going to exert the plenary powers to open and de-classify documents that with the seals "TOP SECRET" and "classified" impose silence and impunity.

Shared in common and equitable, distributing the wealth and
sustainable. An economy free of the neoliberal market.

Democracy does not exist if strong and highly representative organizations of the people do not exist. The basis of the legitimacy of power is indeed in the development of popular organisation.
We will raise in the Constituent Assembly that making the new policy sustained and developed out of popular organisation is the only guarantee of its sovereign will.

If neoliberalism conceived an elitist and excluding education, privatising information and knowledge, we raise an education that preserves the aspirations of Alfarism (secularism, generosity, etc.) and places Ecuadorians at the forefront of modernity. An education scientific, deeply human, applied to productive technological development, unhindered by elitism, that rescues the national pride, that fortifies the values of justice, unity, solidarity and freedom.

Autonomy must be thought of as a mechanism that enables fast and efficient local administration, autonomy is an administrative tool and does not have to be a pretext for the oligarchy to fortify its feuds. Autonomy YES… a country with two systems NO.

In name of the globalisation the neoliberals trampled over our natural sovereignty and our resources. With the regional integration of the Bolivarian countries, we will recover our dignity.

With the creation of the fourth power of the State: The Power for the Control and Surrender of Accounts, the citizenship will have a space to put aside the passivity of the old democracy and to consolidate as active citizens. All civil employees and public dignitaries will be put under the citizens' watch and the surrender of accounts: Thus we will bring the fight to corruption.

If the National Assembly of 1998 was summoned for the robbery and the thievery to be more shamelessly carried out of the most important patrimonies of our country, now we must impel another one, but in the present hour to recover the incommensurable patrimony that has been sacked with impunity with the endorsement of an adulterated and crumpled Constitution to consolidate these shameless transferences and thieveries.

It is not by chance that the parties and leaders who requested the National Assembly in 1998 (to force through the privatisations and the robbery), once they obtained the anti-national reforms to that effect, even publishing “approved” articles illegally, are now the bloodiest opponents, with inconsistent arguments, and hide their eagerness to conceal their looting of the Republic! These same privatising loafers were those that put a “padlock” (establishing that to be able to discuss a potential reform a year must pass between debates) to make legal changes difficult and to be able to continue their robbery without frightening the country! It is the only padlock in the world made in order to rob! This litter of "malandrines" should patent this innovation in the ways of social piracy! Certainly the oligarcy that does not rob sins!

The Constitution must proclaim such that “the biological wealth, biodiversity, flora, fauna, hydric resources, and those indispensable elements the security, autonomy and sovereignty of alimentation of the country, harvested in its territorial space, is declared the inalienable and exclusive patrimony of the Ecuadorian nation, and will be protected by the State”.

An economy must be measured not by the
macroeconomic indicators of the “Chicago boys” but by the number of calories that each Ecuadorian ingests, by the opportunities that are offered to children and youth to live with dignity.

The quality of a Democracy must be understood, not by the amount of votes that an electoral group manages to get from the people, as the neoliberals did, but by the guarantees that are offered to the citizens to defend what they believe and to live as they believe. Each one of the murders that Febres Cordero committed in the name of eradicating terrorism, was done for no other reason than to blemish and to assassinate Democracy.

We do not understand what sovereignty is if we are subordinated to a policy of National Security in designed by the Southern Command of the U.S.A. We will be sovereign when we see the National Security of where we are… South America

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