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Friday, September 14, 2007

Rafael Correa: Ecuador Assembly Crucial

Quito (Prensa Latina) Ecuador will decide its fate during the Constituent Assembly elections on September 30, President Rafael Correa affirmed.

That day people will either choose the past of corruption, inefficiency, political maneuvering and capricious vote promises, or fight for the homeland to belong to Ecuadorians forever, Correa highlighted.

The president warned yesterday in Manabi province that history cannot be forgotten, as there are people in the country who initially opposed the Assembly, but then were among the first ones to register as candidates.

Correa called for the population not to be misled, as the oligarchy represented in rightwing parties tries to frighten them alleging the socialism of the 21st century will finish off private property.

He finally predicted a failure for those who considered themselves the owners of the country, and said "no one will stop this tsunami of honesty, which will sweep away those who took advantage of the people".

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