The people of Ecuador are rising up to refound their country as a pluri-national homeland for all. This inspiring movement, with Ecuador's indigenous peoples at its heart, is part of the revolution spreading across the Americas, laying the groundwork for a new, fairer, world. Ecuador Rising aims to bring news and analysis of events unfolding in Ecuador to english speakers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ecuadorian Left Unites for New Constitution

QUITO, September 17, (Granma) - Several leftwing political parties and movements planning to participate in the upcoming elections of the Ecuadorian constituent assembly signed an agreement Monday to work together for a new constitution that transforms the country.

Ecuadorians go to the polls on September 30 to choose a 130-member constituent assembly empowered to draft a new constitution that will then be submitted to a public vote for its approval.

The debate centers on finding a new political and economic model, supported by the government and leftwing parties, or maintaining the current "neoliberal" model defended by conservatives.

The agreement aims to organize "a block of support for further concurrence with other progressive forces to facilitate a new constitution to transforms the nation," reported Notimex.

The accord includes the indigenous Pachakutik Party, Polo Democratico; Movimiento Libertad, Partido Socialista-Frente Amplio de Izquierda; Movimiento Blanco and the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (CONAIE).

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