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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ecuador Warns of Plan to Discredit Govt

Ecuador Warns of Plan to Discredit Govt
Ecuadorian Government Minister Gustavo Larrea
Quito, Aug 30 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian Government Minister Gustavo Larrea warned on Thursday that some sectors plan to discredit the governing Alianza Pais movement and slander the government in this electoral campaign.

"There are people responsible for spreading false rumors and trying to slander the national government by wearing shirts imprinted Alianza Pais" to accuse the government of improper actions, Larrea asserted.

He said they also printed the image of a candidate from Alianza Pais to discredit the movement and encourage a sanction from the Supreme Electoral Court.

Although the denunciation to the Pichincha Electoral Court was anonymous, we can identify the sectors and the clear attempt to discredit Alianza Pais candidates he said, adding that the governing movement "does not need to use such trifles" to be an important political force in Ecuador.

He denied that President Rafael Correa had been participating in the current electoral campaign, but pointed out they cannot do anything when there is an official meeting and citizens appear carrying Alianza Pais flags.

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