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Monday, June 18, 2007

Assembly Preps Stir Political Atmosphere in Ecuador

Quito, June 16 (Prensa Latina) Presentation of candidates to the Constituent Assembly by movements and political parties has stirred political atmosphere in Ecuador.

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) announced that its provincial entities will be opened over the weekend to receive signatures and registration of different groups, with Monday as deadline set to complete these formalities.

Right wing parties, previously opposed to the Constituent Assembly, including the Social Christian, Renovador Institutional and Democratic Christian Union, handed over the required one-percent of signatures of the national electoral roll.

The Popular Democratic Movement, Patriotic Society (SP) and the Liberty group, as well as Honradez Nacional and government Alianza Pais followed suit.

However, just a few of them, including Alianza Pais and SP, presented the full list of candidates to vie for all 130 seats of the Constituent Assembly in elections scheduled for September 30.

TSE member Andres Leon lamented that some organizations have left registration for the last minute, as it might delay TSE work.

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