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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Terror Campaign Exposed in Ecuador

Quito, April 10 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian Alianza Pais movement denounced that politicians that oppose the national government are promoting a terror campaign in an attempt to prevent installation of the Constituent Assembly.

Cesar Rodriguez, spokesman of the Alianza movement pointed out that promoters of the NO vote this coming Sunday use lies in advertising and try to confuse the citizenry.

"There is a campaign of fear, of terror unleashed these days," the representative of President Rafael Correa s movement, told the national press.

Listing the lies he mentioned accusations that Correa wants to set up a dictatorship in that nation and put an end to dollarization of the currency that was imposed in 2000 after a bank fraud scandal.

Rodriguez alerted that this kind of publicity comes at a time when "the citizens are more aware of what happens in Ecuador and they believe in the president."

To confront this "campaign of fear and terror", we must unite on Sunday and vote "YES" in favor of a change and put an end to control of power structures by the oligarchy.

The new Constitution approved in the Constitutent Assembly has a "certain measure of security," that "when the Constitution is finished it will go to the people for approval by a referendum."

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