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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ecuador President Tours for Assembly

Quito, Apr 10 (Prensa Latina) Five days before the referendum the Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa started touring several cities of the country defending a fully-powered Constituent Assembly.

Correa, who was in Cuenca yesterday, will travel to Potoviejo on Tuesday and Tulcan on Wednesday, and will move to Baños on Friday.

The dignitary will take advantage of these visits to ratify a "yes" in the popular consultations aimed at changing the country through a Constituent Assembly.

During his stay in Cuenca on Monday, in the south of his country, Correa highlighted the need to obtain absolute majority of votes (50 percent plus one of the total votes receive) in order to win the plebiscite.

National media reported the government is trying to face the publicity of those opposed to the consultation and considered that anything could happen in these days.

According to the forecast of the Electoral Supreme Court, out of 9.1 million of voters only six million vote and from that figure over three million must choose "Yes" for the Assembly to pass.

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