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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gunmen shoot at Ecuador opposition crowd, witnesses

QUITO (Reuters) Mar 13, 2007 - Unidentified gunmen on motorcycles shot at a crowd of supporters of fired Ecuadorean lawmakers, injuring two people on Tuesday and escalating violence in a feud between Congress and the president, witnesses said on Tuesday.

It was not immediately clear how seriously the two had been hurt in the politically unstable Andean nation. The shots were fired outside a hotel only hours after fired lawmakers scuffled with police and forced their way into Congress.

"A group of unknown assailants on motorcycles shot at our supporters outside. There are two people hurt," said opposition lawmaker Clemente Vasquez who was inside the hotel. Witnesses and legislators said no lawmaker had been hurt.

Fifty-seven lawmakers have refused to accept an electoral court decision to fire them last week. They had tried to reverse a ruling that would allow the popular President Rafael Correa to hold a referendum that would weaken Congressional powers.

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