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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ecuador on Eve of Referendum Battle

Quito, Mar 2 (Prensa Latina) A campaign calling for the population to vote for the April 15 referendum supporting a Constituent Assembly with full powers has officially kicked off Friday in Ecuador.

By summoning the referendum, the Electoral Supreme Court (TSE) has 45 days to encourage the people to attend the plebiscite which, according to TSE president Jorge Acosta, will be crucial to change the country s fate.

The Assembly will respect the people s essential rights and the Constitution s original text will be approved through referendum, he explained

The Assembly will be made up of 130 delegates and last 180 days, extendible for another 70.

As many as 66 of its members must approve the Assembly s decisions for them to enter into force, and to establish an Assembly with full powers, over 3.5 million people must vote "Yes."

In the meantime, experts on the issue noted the "Yes" in the referendum needs an absolute majority support, and not just a simple majority as it happened until 1998.

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