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Friday, February 02, 2007

Ecuador Subsidizing Humanity

Quito, Feb 1 (Prensa Latina) Nearly 1.2 million Ecuadorians start Thursday to receive a $30 increase of the Human Development Bond (BDH, in Spanish), promised by the country s President Rafael Correa.

Social Welfare Minister Jeaneth Sanchez highlighted that the BDH increase is totally financed and appears in the State budget.

This raise represents $400 million for the state, stressed the minister, saying that it is not only a subsidy, but also a recognition of the sacrifice of men and women with lack of protection and absolute vulnerability.

The official noted that Ecuadorians with the right to the bond will also have training, access to productive resources in exchange for joint responsibility with education and health of their children.

According to Sanchez, the government s social policy is to overcome paternalism and foster human relations, including reduction of child labor.

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