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Friday, February 02, 2007

Ecuador: anti-Congress protests continue

Feb 01 2007, ITN

Violence is continuing in Ecuador after protesters stormed the country's opposition-controlled Congress and forced politicians to leave.

They are demanding support for leftist President Rafael Correa's constitutional reforms in Congress - which itself is widely seen as corrupt and inefficient.

The demonstrators, who were armed with sticks and bottles, were hit by teargas when they entered the 100-member Congress on Tuesday, but were subsequently removed by police.

Politicians had to be escorted out of the building by police as around 5,000 protesters - some of whom were wearing the bright green shirts of President Correa's movement - rallied outside.

They have now returned to Congress in a bid to hammer out an agreement over the proposed reforms.

The majority of Ecuadoreans want a referendum to decide whether to call an assembly with broad powers to draft a new constitution for the unstable South American nation.

President Correa has said it is up to Congress to "put out the fire they started." He told journalists: "The fight here is between Congress and 13 million Ecuadoreans".

He added that his referendum request will move forward even with congressional opposition.

President Correa - an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez - was elected in November and promised to introduce sweeping reforms in a bid to end decades of instabily.

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