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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ecuador Roars for Popular Assembly

Quito, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) Social, political and indigenous movements are protesting again to the Ecuadorian Congress for an immediate vote on a Constituent Assembly.

Group leaders blame the Parliament for the political crisis and encouraging destabilization of the country, since it has blocked any attempt to give way to the assembly referendum.

President of the Indigenous Nationalities Confederation of Sierra Ecuarunari, Humberto Cholango, denounced the right wing parliamentary majority for kidnapping the plebiscite with an absence to force a limited Assembly.

It was announced later that they did not attend the meeting because of an agreement between the minority bloc and the Patriotic Society (PSP) to approve the consultation.

In this context Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa ratified the call for consultations this week with or without Congress.

During his visit to Puyo city in the Amazonian province of Pastaza, Correa said the people will have a full-powered Assembly to build a new country.

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