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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ecuador Plan vs. Colombia Plan

Quito, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) President Rafael Correa´s government is due to boost a denominated "Ecuador Plan" to face negative effects of the Colombia Plan in the north border, official sources have confirmed.

This concerns a "foreign policy peace initiative" agaisnt damages caused by Colombian air fumigations with glyphosate in the country's neighboring zone, a government spokesman stated.

This program, analyzed at a cabinet's meeting held Friday in the eastern city of Tena, will also be used to solve problems caused by the displacement of citizens from the neighboring territory to this nation.

Government Minister Gustavo Larrea highlighted Ecuador Plan will be presented to the international community, with the aim of alleviating difficulties of the national bordering people, affected by the armed conflict in Colombia.

Larrea demanded the definitive end of those air sprayings in the bordering strip, which has generated tension in bilateral links, damage people's health and destroy legal crops.

According to United Nations, about 500,000 Colombian citizens live in this country, of them 250,000 abandoned their homes due to the internal war and other 11,000 are refugees.

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