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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ecuador Air Crash Report Ready

Quito, Jan 31 (Prensa Latina) The investigating Commission of the air incident in which the Ecuadorian Minister of Defense Guadalupe Larriva and her daughter Claudia along with other five officers died has finally finished the report on the tragic accident.

The document elaborated by experts from France, Chile, Venezuela and Ecuador will be submitted to President Rafael Correa after removal of the wreckage near Manta air base.

They are still searching for the reasons of the deaths, emphasized national media.

According to several radio station eyewitnesses the wreck occurred after one of the planes was closely following the other, and apparently hit it while trying to pass.

Meanwhile, Ecuadorian President appointed Lorena Escudero new minister of Defense in Cuencana.

The 41 year-old Escudero participated in Correa s electoral campaign in 2006 and in the elaboration of the statute for the Constituent Assembly.

The new minister is a political scientist doctorate in Latin American studies and a respected academic.

Like Larriva Escudero she is also from Cuenca and will be sworn in Thursday at the Corondelet Presidential Palace.

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