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Friday, October 06, 2006

Indigenous Leader Ratified as Presidential Candidate in Ecuador’s Elections

Friday, September 22, 2006

The candidate to the Ecuadorian presidency that represents the Pachakutik Movement of Plurinational Unity –New Country, Luis Macas, denied on Wednesday rumors that he was stepping down from the candidacy.

AP news agency reported that Macas said “We keep...our active participation, it is final. This is obviously a collective decision (of the indigenous movement), until the end, we didn’t make any other decision”.

The candidate of Pachakutik movement, who was elected twice president of
Ecuador’s Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (CONAIE) is running for October 15th presidential elections in a formula with Cesar Sacoto.

The national coordinator of Pachakutik Movement, Guilberto Talahua, had ratified Luis Macas candidacy to
Ecuador’s presidential elections.

According to an article published in the website of that political sector, Talahua said that “Macas and Sacoto are the winning pair” and criticized the attitude of the other political candidates, whom he blamed for saying the indigenous leader would quit.

The national coordinator of Pachakutik Movement rejected the divisive aim of the people who are responsible for the misinformation, according to the party’s website. Talahua accused the political opposers of being “demoagogical, useless and liers” and added that they want to win the elections through blackmail and mockery of the Ecuadorian people.

He said “Pachakutik is firm in its decisions as well as its candidates”.

The installation of a Constitutive Assembly in
Ecuador and the nationalization of natural resources, such as oil and water, are two of the main proposals of Macas’ campaigns.

The indigenous leader visited several towns in
Chimborazo province, last week, and obtained the support of the residents of the area.

According to information published in the website of Pachakutik Movement, Macas said in Colta town that “in every place we visit we get the massive support of the poor people. In every path we walk we strengthen the indigenous movement and we build the unity between the poor from the countryside and those from the city”.

Macas concluded saying “Because they, only they, will be the ones to build a better future for
Ecuador. A country where we can all live well”.

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