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Friday, October 06, 2006

Correa May Win Ecuador Elections

Quito, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador´s presidential candidate Rafael Correa, of Alianza Pais, needs 200,000 votes to reach 2.5 million and win the Ecuadorian presidential elections on October 15 on the first round, a poll reported Thursday.

According to the results of the CEDATOS poll, Correa has 37 percent of vote preference.

Polibio Cordova, director of CEDATOS, said Correa has shown an ascending rhythm, which allowed him to gain 14 percent in two weeks.

Correa´s closest opponent Leon Roldos, from coalition Red Democratica - Izquierda Democratica, has 21 percent and was going down.

It is possible that rightwing candidate and millionaire Alvaro Noboa, from Renovador Institucional, who is in third place with 19 percent of votes, can improve and become second on October 15.

Social Christian Cynthia Viteri appears fourth, with 12 percent.

The Ecuadorian electoral contest has left the stage of confrontation and proposals, and is now approaching the people offering solutions to social problems.

It is estimated that of a total 9.1 million voters, 60 percent will vote.

From Prensa Latina.

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