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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ecuador Will Deepen and Radicalize Citizens' Revolution

The popular mobilization that defeated the September 30 coup attempt in Ecuador will allow the radicalization and deepening of the political project of the Citizens' Revolution, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño affirmed in a press conference.

Ecuador Will Deepen and Radicalize Citizens' Revolution

President Rafael Correa during the attempt of coup.

However, the crisis is not over because those who attacked constitutionally-elected President Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian people are still free, which is why the state of emergency was extended until Friday, Patiño said.

The legal system has a lot of work to do, given the amount of suspicion and circumstantial evidence, he said.

Meanwhile, leaders of the Patriotic Society Party were arrested and escorted to the district attorney's office to have them clarify their participation in the events.

Patiño noted that while Correa, who was democratically elected and re-elected, was being held prisoner, the members of parliament from the Madera de Guerrero Party were requesting amnesty for the kidnappers instead of asking for the president's liberation.

Patiño recognized that "we have been too naive, since we thought that there could be a revolution without a counterrevolution, but that seems unlikely."

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