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Friday, October 01, 2010

Coup Attempt in Ecuador Today Update Eight: The Ecuadoran MiMilitary Move Against the Police to Free President Correa.

By Les Blough in Venezuela. Axis of Logic.
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Sep 30, 2010

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Update Eight

The Ecuadoran Military Move Against the Police to Free President Correa.

We have been wondering all day, "Where is the military!?" Well, now we know, they have been planning, under the direction of their Commander in Chief, President Correa, how to crush this coup d'etat. As I write this update, they are doing it. Under the cameras of TeleSur, the Ecuadoran Military are making their move against the police who have inititated and carried out this coup attempt since early this morning. Oh! This is real time. The Military has rescued Correa and he is addressing the people. He says that only one part of the Ecuadoran police has been involved in this coup attempt. Under the administration of Rafael Correa, the US-backed Coup d'etat has been utterly destroyed. Unlike the US-backed coup against Zelaya in Honduras in 2009, this one is not going to fly my friends. As I write, I have a Venezuelan revolutionary sitting by my side. He just said to me, "The people are waking up". Go to the TeleSur site linked above for live action. Stay tuned for our next update.

- Les Blough in Venezuela

Update Seven

The Venezuelan People Stand With Their Sisters and Brothers in Ecuador.

On the streets of Caracas tonight, thousands of Venezuelan people have come out in support of the Ecuadoran people and their president, Rafael Correa. They are gathering in front of the Ecuadoran Embassy in Caracas cheering and supporting their sisters and brothers in the war against US imperialism. Venezuelans remember all too well the US-backed coup against the president they elected into office in 1998, Hugo Chavez. They remember April 11, 2010 when the corrupted Venezuelan military officers kidnapped their president and tried to overthrow their government. What is happening today in Ecuador strikes chord in their hearts. And the people of Ecuador have taken a lesson from Venezuelans. They too remember. They remember how the people came down from the barrios by the tens of thousands to Mira Flores and demanded that the Golpistas return their president (see The Revolution Will Not Be Televised). Today, the people of Ecuador went to the presidential palace to demand that the criminals return their president to his elected position. When they learned that the criminals had their president trapped in a hospital in Northern Quiito, they went there and they are there now, armed with nothing but their honor and dignity - confronting a well-armed right wing police force but they are not backing down. Nowhere on the planet will one find greater dignity, greater honor, greater morality than here, among "el pueblo" in ECuador, Venezuela ... Latin America.

- Les Blough in Venezuela 8:55 PM EST

Update Six:

President Correa broadcasts radio mssg. from hospital. Refuses to negotiate with Golpistas... more

A few minutes ago, President Correa spoke live on radio from the hospital where the right wing has him trapped. He stated that he will not, under any circumstances, negotiate with the criminals who are attempting to overthrow the government. Following his radio broadcast, the right wing broke down the doors of ECUATV (public tv) and shut it down but thus far are not attempting to use the station to address the pubic. Earlier today on public television (VTV), President Chávez addressed Venezuelans about the coup in Ecuador. Among other things, he stated that he does not understand what the Ecuadoran military has not intervened. But that was before ECUATV reported that Correa ordered the military NOT to intervene in order to prevent bloodshed.

- LMB 7:15 PM EST

Update Five

The Ecuadoran Ambassador to Venezuela confirmed that President Correa is in a good state of health, even as he is being held hostage in a hospital in North Quito by rebel police. Colombia & Peru have sealed their borders to Ecuador in support of Ecuadoran govt and Pres. Correa, who remains sequestered by police forces who are executing the coup. (TeleSur)

- LMB 5:15 PM

Update Four: Eva Golinger reports that the police who are involved in the coup are "violently repressing" the thousands of Ecuadoran people who have come out in support of their president. President Correa continues to be trapped, apparently in the hospital where he was taken after the police attacked him earlier today (read about the attack below). At 4:15 p.m. a military spokesman appeared on TeleSur stating that the Ecuadoran military supports the government and continues to recognize President Correa as their Commander in Chief. Why the military has not yet intervened and put down the rebel police is not clear. At this moment the people who went earlier to the Presidential Palace to rise up in support of their president - have now arrived at the hospital where the rebel police have Correa sequestered.

This is obviously a dangerous situation with the unarmed people confronting the police. The obvious question is this: If the Ecuadoran people can march to the hospital to attempt a rescue of their president, why is the Ecuadoran Military NOT there to put down this coup, take President Correa out of this dangerous situation and restore order?

Meanwhile, according to Golinger, governments throughout Venezuela have condemned the coup in Ecuador but the U.S. State Department has only said that it is "monitoring the situation in Ecuador." This mirrors the U.S. involvement and response to the kidnapping of President Zelaya and overthrow of the Honduran governement in June, 2009 and the attempted coup against President Chávez in April, 2002.

- LMB 4:30 PM EST

Update Three

The People Arrive at the Hospital to Protect Their President.

TeleSur reports that the Ecuadoran government has declared a state of emergency for 5 days and the military is supporting the government. Cesár Rodríguez, Vice President of the National Assembly reports that President Correa is in the hospital and that the rebel police are attempting to gain access to him, presumably to assassinate him. He was injured when he was attacked by the police as he attempted to speak with them. TeleSur broadcast live video just after the attack on his car, showing the president wearing a gas mask as he escaped the police mob. He was on crutches (due to surgery on his leg a few days ago). The nature and extent of his injuries from today's attack are unknown at this time.

Rebel Police Attack President Correa and
the People Rally to Support the Government

September 30, 2010

Update Two

Police Golpistas Attack President Correa's Car

1:30 PM TeleSur is reporting that when President Correa went to the largest police barracks in the north of Quito to speak with the golpistas, the police launched tear gas at his vehicle. Correa was taken to the hospital, apparently with injuries. He is currently in the hospital and some police are attempting to enter the hospital, reportedly through the roof of the hospital to execute the president. President Correa just issued a message in a radio broadcast from the hospital bidding farewell to the Ecuadoran people.

- LMB 1:30 pm Thursday.

This morning a blogger posted the following message on the internet:

USA makes coup in Ecuador?

The USA are promoting a coup in Ecuador.

We in Latin America are tired of USA imperialism!!!!!!!! First it was Honduras now Ecuador??? (excerpt deleted)

Until when will theUSA abuse the people of the World????

Here in Venezuela we request that ALL Latin American nations break ALL diplomatic and commercial ties with the USA!!!

Here in Venezuela we request that Russia breaks all diplomatic and commericial ties with the USA!!!

USA imperialism has got to stop already!!!!!

Here in Venezuela we are watching this counter-revolutionary action unfold on TeleSur. The corporate media is reporting that both, the military has seized the main airport in Quito and that the police have fired tear gass, burned tires "after taking over bases in Quito, Guayaquil and other cities." They also claim that an Associated Press photographer "witnessed soldiers participating in the action that shut down the main terminal at Quito's Mariscal Sucre airport."

On the other hand, TeleSur reports that the police have indeed launched a possible coup attempt but that the response by the military is yet unknown. At this moment TeleSur is showing footage of an angry President Correa speaking to a group of police protestors with the protestors shouting back at him.

Ostensibly, they are protesting a law passed by Congress on Wednesday that would end the practice of giving members of Ecuador's military and police medals and bonuses with each promotion. The law would also require police and military to wait for 7 years, rather than 5 for subsequent promotions. However, TeleSur is reporting that the "protests" are in fact a coup attempt. TeleSur is also broadcasting live video, showing large masses of the civilian population who arriving at Palacio Carondelet (Presidential Palace) and Plaza de Centro in Quito, waving flags in counter-protest against the police ... against the coup.

It is much to early to document any involvement in this coup attempt by Washington as claimed by the blogger quoted above. However, given the recent history of U.S.-instigated coups against revolutionary governments in Venezuela and Honduras and their century of imperialist attacks on Latin American countries, it's a safe bet that they are behind what is happening today in Ecuador.

As of noon today, the response by the military to these counter-revolutionaries is unknown and will be critical to the outcome. The Ecuadoran military is under civilian control. Axis of Logic will be following these developments closely, updating this report throughout the day.

You can also follow these developments in real time at the TeleSur link located in the left column of the front page of Axis of Logic.

- Les Blough in Venezuela

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