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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Colombia knows of 12 FARC bases in Ecuador

Colombia Reports, 24 October, 2009

Colombia news - Sucumbia

Colombia says it is certain that the FARC have twelve guerrilla camps on Ecuadorean territory where some 2,000 guerrillas are hiding from the Colombian authorities.

According to a report by newspaper El Espectador, Colombian intelligence sources said these camps are all in the northern Ecuadorean Sucumbios province where the Colombian military in March 2008 bombed a FARC camp and killed the #2 of the guerrillas, Raul Reyes.

The Colombian government is keen to send the intelligence information and coordinations of the camps to the government of Rafael Correa, but is withholding it because of the arrest warrents for several of Colombia's highest ranked military by a judge in the same province, the newspaper reported.

According to the Colombian intelligence report, a number of prominent FARC commanders are in these twelve Ecuadorean camps and are hiding themselves between the civilian population of the border area.

Both guerrilla and paramilitary forces are known to use the remote jungle area between Ecuador and Colombia to hide from authorities or transport cocaine.

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