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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Protests in Ecuador Force Delay in Vote on Controversial Water Bill

Democracy Now, May 14 2010

In news from Latin America, lawmakers in Ecuador have postponed a vote on a controversial water bill that sparked protests by indigenous groups and other organizations. Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa says the bill is needed to better regulate the nation’s water system, but opponents fear the water bill would pave the way for privatization of natural resources and make it easier for the government to make concessions to mining companies and large industries. Earlier this week, indigenous groups blockaded roads in several regions. The police responded with tear gas and arrests.

Magdalena Velez, president of the Popular Front: "The member organizations of the Popular Front are here today, once again mobilized next to the indigenous movement, at this critical moment when there is an attempt to privatize water in our country. President Rafael Correa is showing disrespect for the will of the people of Ecuador.”

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