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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ecuadorian Correa Rejects European Migration Policies

PL, 21.5.2010

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, regarded here as terrible the migration policies applied by the 27 member countries of the European Union (EU) with the Latin American emigrants in his Wednesday speech at the EU-Latin American and Caribbean Summit.

Ecuadorian Correa Rejects European Migration Policies

Correa insisted in particular in the situation of the migrants of his country.

"I find it a historical ingratitude," Correa expressed, and wondered what effect it had caused in Europe if Latin America had used the same policies when this part of the world received the great migratory wave during the Spanish Civil War.

"I don't know how the EU will explain the future generations, at least from an ethical point of view, that while it was enabling a global world and a bigger flow of capitals and goods, criminalized the most principal of the movements, the human one, underlined the Ecuadorian leader.

He said that the policies of the Old Continent penalize the immigration more and more, something he evaluated like a monstrous inconsistency.

The Ecuadorian stateman admitted that the Latin American governments are very concerned for the effects that the serious economic crisis in Europe will have on hundreds of thousands of immigrants arrived in these lands in the last years, many of them from Ecuador.

"The repercussions on the migrants are very big," said Correa, after evaluating that Latin America has known how to confront the world financial crisis with many smaller negative effects than Europe.

"For that reason it doesn't exist any danger that this economic debacle deepens the migratory current toward the Old Continent," he said.

He insisted in particular in the situation of the migrants of his country living this side of the Atlantic, for the Ecuadorian community in Spain, where the unemployment rate is very high.

"If you don't have a labor contract you cannot renovate the residence permission," he added and pointed out that the unemployment index in the immigrants is located near 30 percent.

He informed that these concerns were expressed by the Latin American leaders as much in the 6th Summit on the eve, as in the meeting Thursday between the EU community block and the Andean Community.

On the political situation in Latin America, Correa totally declared himself against the recognition of the new authorities of Honduras, although they are fruit of some elections.

"It would be a disastrous precedent to allow a shameless coup d'etat, calls for elections later and nothing happens, the Union of South American Nations won't allow such a thing, he concluded.

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