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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ecuador requests evidence of DAS spying on embassy

Colombia Reports, May 20 2010

miguel carvajal, ecuador, colombia

Ecuador on Thursday asked Colombia's inspector general to hand over evidence of the alleged spying on the Ecuadorean embassy in Bogota by government intelligence agency DAS, reports TeleSURtv.

According to Ecuadorean Security Minister Miguel Cavajal, despite the creation of a biliateral commission in March to restore relations between the two countries, Ecuador has yet to receive "original" evidence from Colombian authorities on the espionage.

"We have not succeeded in obtaining a verification of the originality of the documents" which details the Colombian espionage efforts against Ecuador, and we "need an explanation," Cavajal said.

According to Cavajal, the only response they have received from Colombia in regards to the information request is that DAS is currently "undergoing a series of internal corrections."

Ecuador's request for information stems from revelations in the last few months about the alleged espionage carried out by the DAS against the Ecuadorean, Venezuelan, and Cuban embassies in Colombia, as well as of Ecuador's ambassador to Venezuela.

The allegations of spying against other Latin American countries forms part of the ongoing investigation into the scandal-hit DAS, which has been accused of illegal wiretapping and surveillance of a number of the Colombia's judges, journalists, opposition politicians, and trade-unionists.

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