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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ecuador army kills 2 'FARC members'

Colombia Reports, 19 April 2010,

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Two suspected members of Colombian guerrilla organization the FARC were killed in Ecuadorian territory in a confrontation with the country's armed forces, the European Press Agency reported Monday.

According to Ecuadorian authorities, the confrontation occurred in the province of Sucumbrios near the San Miguel river, on the border between Colombia and Ecuador, where the army was on a routine patrol at around noon local time.

A shoot-out took place which killed two suspected FARC members, a male and a female. Authorities then found weapons, explosives, communications equipment, "subversive literature," and military and civilian clothes.

Earlier this month, Ecuador's military announced that they destroyed a FARC camp located in the border area with Colombia, between the provinces of Carchi and Sucumbios, that was used to manufacture explosives.

The Ecuadorian government tightened control of its 680 km long border with Colombia after a Colombian military strike against a FARC base in their territory on March 1, 2008, that killed 25 people, including Raul Reyes, the FARC’s number-two commander.

The incident led Ecuador to freeze diplomatic relations with Colombia.

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