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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ecuador President: Ricardo Patino Will Be Foreign Minister

QUITO (Dow Jones)--Ecuador President Rafael Correa said Thursday that Ricardo Patino, a former finance minister and now the minister in charge of coordinating policies, will become Ecuador's new foreign affairs minister.

Former foreign affairs minister Fander Falconi resigned last week in a dispute with Correa over developing oil resources.

"We need a person who has high levels of loyalty, not to Rafael Correa, but to the political project. Ricardo Patino meets these conditions," Correa said in a TV interview, according the state online newspaper El Ciudadano.

Patino, a close ally of Correa, will be the fourth minister of foreign affairs in the current administration.

Patino was also previously president of the debt audit commission that recommended that Ecuador suspend servicing some of its sovereign debt.

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