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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ecuadorian president: Ecuador, Colombia recover "some" lost trust

QUITO, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said on Monday that some steps had been taken to recover "some" of the lost trust between Ecuador and Colombia after Colombia bombed Ecuadorian territory in a raid against Colombian guerillas last year.

During an interview broadcast on Radio Publica, Correa said trust is like a glass cup. "If it breaks, it can be glued with the greatest talent of the world, but the mark remains," he said.

However, "there have been steps to recover some of that lost trust and to have guarantees of not happening again, the same as on March 1, 2008," when the Colombian army bombed Ecuadorian territory, he said.

Two days after the raid, Ecuador severed diplomatic ties with Colombia.

Correa said that one of those "steps" taken was a joint communiqué signed last week by Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Fander Falconi and his Colombian counterpart Jaime Bermudez.

According to the document, Colombia once more confirmed it would never again attack Ecuador, and promised to reinforce the security of their common border.

Correa said the communiqué and the "reached achievements will help to recover some of the lost trust."

However, "personally, I think as any person, if you are stabbed in your back, you will never totally recover trust. You will always be looking at your back," Correa said.

Ecuador has spent "prodigious" amount of resources for border security, which amounts to some 170 million U.S. dollars per year, said the president.

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