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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ecuador Distributes Bonds to Citizens

Quito - The Ecuadorian government said 1.6 million people who live under the poverty line or are disabled are beneficiaries of Human Development Bonds (BDH).

The BDH is a monthly 35-dollar contribution from the government to citizens whose economic situation is precarious.

According to Economic and Social Inclusion Minister María de los Angeles Duarte, it is a contribution to the family, not to people.

The BDH is particularly granted to mothers who are heads of the family, seniors and disabled people.

Other beneficiaries of the BDH are people over 65 years of age who live under the poverty line set by the Social Development Coordination Ministry, according to statistics from the Social Register.

People whose disability is equal or higher than 40 percent and who live under the poverty line also receive the BDH. As of 2010, more people will benefit from the bonds, according to an official communiqué.

Official statistics show that 15.69 percent of 14 million Ecuadorians live under the poverty line.

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