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Sunday, August 02, 2009

'Raul Reyes' diary is fake: W Radio

Colombia Reports, July 30, 2009

Colombia news, Raul Reyes

The alleged diary of slain FARC commander 'Raul Reyes', that was presented Wednesday by the Ecuadorean government, is fake, Radio W reported Thursday.

Examinations of the document showed that the handwriting of the diary did not match the handwriting of 'Raul Reyes', official sources confirmed to Radio W. The documents were sent anonymously to various security agencies in Ecuador.

The diary allegedly revealed serious allegations against former members of the Ecuadorean Government and mentions an "alleged" betrayal by President Rafael Correa.

'Raul Reyes' wrote on February 9 that to "trust Correa was a suicide. All the financial help for Correa's [election] campaign did not help a fuck," Radio W reported.

In his last paragraph on February 23, the guerrilla said: "I'm off ... My end is near, but what worries me most, is the bitter awareness that I fell into the trap of Correa like a child."

'Raul Reyes' wrote that the people who approached him seeking support of Correa's election campaign were "double agents" and refers to the former minister of Ecuador, Gustavo Larrea, the retired Ecuadorean Colonel Jorge Brito and his friend, the doctor Luis Alaya.

Recently, the Colombian government has released a video in which FARC commander 'Mono Jojoy' confirms the guerrillas financially supporte the 2006 campaign of Correa. The Ecuadorean President has denied receiving any money and said the FARC paid money to false co-workers of his campaign. The verification of the diary would support Correa's theory.

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