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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Correa received US$400 thousand from FARC: El Pais

Colombia Reports, August 1, 2009

Colombia news - Rafael Correa

Ecuador President Rafael Correa received US$400 thousand from Colombia's largest rebel group FARC, Spanish newspaper reported Saturday after comparing e-mails of rebel commander Raul Reyes with money transfers to Correa's election campaign.

The newspaper writes that in one message of Reyes, found on his computer, the FARC commander "announces in October 2006 the support of 400 thousand dollars. This figure coincides with the amounts deposited on these dates into the bank account fo Alianza Pais, the party of the then candidate Correa and with the expenses of the campaign that never were clarified before electoral authorities."

According to the newspaper, everything indicates that, even though Correa so far dienied, there had been contact between the FARC and someone close to Correa.

Ecuador and Colombia have strain relations since the March 1 attack on the camp of Raul Reyes in Ecuador and Colombia, basing allegations on computers it says it found in the camp, started accusing Correa of having received FARC support.

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