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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Correa doesn't believe FARC's denial about financial support

Colombia news - Rafael Correa

Ecuador President Rafael Correa said Wednesday he had no reason to believe the FARC statement wherein the guerrillas deny having funded the 2006 campaign of Correa.

"Just like I did not believe what 'Mono Jojoy' said about having given support to the campaign, I have no reason to believe the denial now," the President told a local Ecuadorean radio station.

The President's statements contradict that of his Security Minister who told Spanish press agency Efe that he did believe the FARC and that the guerrillas' denial is "yet another piece of evidence of the permanent cock-and-bull story aimed against Ecuador."

The 'Momo Jojoy' video confirms Colombian accusations that Correa of having received money from the FARC to finance his 2006 campaign for the Presidency. The OAS is investigating the authenticity of the video of which the FARC calls a "smokescreen" to cover up domestic failing by the Colombian government.

Ecuador cut diplomatic ties with its northern neighbor in March 2008 after the Colombian army attacked a FARC camp just over the Ecuadorean border.

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