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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zero tolerance for Colombian rebel groups: Ecuador

Colombia Reports, July 24 2009

Colombia news - Miguel Carvajal

Ecuador has "no tolerance" for Colombian rebel groups on its territory, Ecuadorean Minister of Security Miguel Carvajal said on Friday.

The "majority of Colombian guerrilla camps" on the Ecuadorean-Colombian border have been destroyed since 2007, the Minister noted. At least 70 FARC facilities were destroyed in 2007 and around 180 in 2008, mostly monitoring points, laboratories and bases, local media reported.

This demonstrates "a policy of absolute intolerance against Colombian armed groups," Carvajal pointed out.

The minister again questioned the authencity of the FARC video that shows commander 'Mono Jojoy' saying the guerrillas financially supported the 2006 election campaign of Ecuador's President Rafael Correa.

Carvajal also reiterated the possibility that the FARC may have paid money to false co-workers of the election campaign.

The video has worsened the already strained relations between Colombia and Ecuador and has put the Ecuadorean government in a difficult position. The Organization of American States and international police organization Interpol are investigating the tape. According to Colombia's Prosecutor General, Mario Iguaran, there is enough evidence to prove Ecuador's former Minister Gustavo Larrea and former presidential adviser Jose Chauvin were FARC's emissaries in the Correa administration.

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