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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maybe FARC paid money to fake Correa aides: Ecuador

Colombia Reports, 21 July 2009

Colombia news - Ricardo Patiño

Colombia's biggest rebel group the FARC may have paid money to false co-workers of the 2006 election campaign of Ecuador President Rafael Correa, an Ecuadorean minister said Tuesday.

"This is a possibility, of course. Anyone ... can say: I'm close to the campaign of Rafael Correa, give me money," Minister of Politics, Ricardo Patiño said on a press conference.

Patiño urged the FARC to clarify the content of a video wherein FARC commander Mono Jojoy tells a group of guerrilla the FARC financially supported the 2006 presidential campaign of Correa.

"To say it clearly: whoever they [the FARC] gave money to, if they gave some money we are going to prosecute this person to return the money or to explain where they put it [the money], because they didn't pay it to our campaign," the minister said.

Patiño also reiterated the statement of President Correa who said that the video is fake and part of an international conspiracy to discredit leftist governments in Latin America.

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