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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Latin American Parliament Meets in Ecuador

Quito - Latin American Parliament leaders meet Wednesday in this capital to evaluate the democratic crisis gripping Honduras and possible consequences for the region.

Fernando Cordero, chairman of the Ecuadorian Legislative Commission, stated Tuesday that participants in this special meeting will adopt actions for the return of democracy in the Central American nation and Latin America.

"The recent military coup perpetrated in the brother Republic of Honduras is, undoubtedly, an abominable action that not only affects the noble Honduran people, but also the international community in general," Cordero stressed.

The Assembly's top representative noted this military coup in Honduras also works against the gradual processes of change underway in the Americas.

"I think this brutal coup against the legitimately constituted government of President Manuel Zelaya deserves open condemnation from parliaments of our region," he noted.

"We are also going to examine the role of those bodies in the resolution of conflicts and approve a final declaration at the end of the event," the top legislative pointed out.

Parliament leaders from Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and Bolivia have so far confirmed their attendance to this forum.

Top representatives from the Andean Legislature, the Latin American Parliament, the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas, the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas, the Central American Parliament and Indigenous Parliament of the Americas are invited to this meeting, to be run until Thursday.

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